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Robert Hutchinson

Project Administrator

Robert is a SoCal local that grew up in Sherman Oaks, CA before moving to Orange County.  He first started working as an Actor in LA at the young age of 12.  BY the end of his career at the age of 24, he had a decent career of multiple commercials, T.V. shows and some movies under his belt.  Robert attended college in Santa Barbara where he got a degree in theater.  Acting is freelance and freelance is tough with LA rents so after college he found his way towards the Hospitality industry.  He ended up having an action-packed 12 year career of event management and eventually running his own event planning business.  Robert is excited to bring forth his business experience to the Commercial Real-Estate and Property Management industry.

In Robert’s spare time he likes e-biking with his wife, or going to the beach for some body boarding.  He also loves to ski and snowboard in the winter and watching a good show on Netflix and spending time with family and friends.

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