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About Davenport Advisors Stock Fund

Davenport Advisors Stock Fund is an open ended fund. New investors may make initial investments and existing investors may make additional investments at any time. Investments become effective on the first day of the next quarter.


The investment strategy of the Davenport Advisors Stock Fund (DASF) is to invest in real estate related stocks: Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Real Estate Operating Companies, Land and Natural Resource Companies, Hotel Companies, Banks, Lenders, Mortgage Companies, Retailers, Diversified Companies with real estate holdings, Construction Companies, Private Equity companies oriented toward real estate, etc.


We look for opportunities in what we consider mispriced stocks. These include special situations, often illiquid stocks, or real estate stocks not widely followed by analysts or institutions, real estate companies that have confusing ownership structures or an operating platform in transition, companies in the process of recapitalizing, involved in potential mergers or public-to-private buyouts, companies under threat of bankruptcy (or in bankruptcy) or companies in “out of favor” real estate sectors. It also includes companies focused on other industries but with valuable real estate on their books.


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Key Information


Inception: August 1, 2009

Manager: John Davenport

Fees: 1%; 20% performance fee with Hurdle and High Water Mark

Minimum Investment: $10,000 initially, no minimum for additional investments

Timing: Initial and additional investments submitted at any time become effective at beginning of next quarter

Liquidity: Withdrawals at year-end

Broker: Charles Schwab & Co.


For more information regarding the Stock Fund or investing in the fund, please contact:

John Davenport


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